Happy Productions is an on-location, production motorhome/RV service headquartered in Miami Florida; owned and operated by Sean Sherman. He grew up in New York and New Jersey for 16 years before moving to Miami where he has lived since 1985. Shortly after obtaining his Associates in Arts degree, he was involved in the production industry.

Sean has a complete knowledge of South Florida and the Bi-State area and can recommend many locations within these states. He started working in this industry in 1996 and continues to enjoy serving his clients' production needs. Your production savvy driver will always get you to the location in a professional, timely, and most of all, safe manner.

We have many references including: Kohl's, H&M, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Jaguar, Acura, Mercedes, among others. We has worked with numerous international clients from all over, England, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Mexico, etc, and is familiar with the many customs and personalities of the people from these far-away places.

So, wherever you are or wherever your client may be from, feel confident that your client is in good hands with Happy Productions.


mouse- Laptops & Wifi

- Tents

- Generators etc.


Partnered Services

Production-Partners- Caterers

- Stylists

- Insurance permits

Motorhome Rates

Motorhome_Rates - Star trailer, 38' Double-Wide

- 2, 34' Production ready

- Standard & Custom rates


Premium Locations

Premium_Locations- Crandon Park, Miami

- South Point Park, Miami

- Tri-State area, NYC, CT, NJ