Premium Production Locations

Happy Productions is familiar with the best production locations in Miami, New York, and the Tri-State area. Click the galleries below to enlarge the images of premium locations where Happy Productions provided service for on-location productions.

Miami Locations

  • Crandon Park, Key Biscayne‚Ķ(along seawall, beach)
  • Wynwood Walls (NW 3rd Ave & 27st, Black & White striped building)
  • Vizcaya
  • Ocean Drive (between 7-11st..Art Deco)
  • South Pointe Park and Beach (Southern tip of Miami Beach)

Miami Gallery

New York Locations

  • Bethesda Fountain, Central Park
  • Flat Iron Building
  • Times Square at Night
  • Montauk Beach, Hamptons NY
  • Brooklyn Bridge


mouse- Laptops & Wifi

- Tents

- Generators etc.


Partnered Services

Production-Partners- Caterers

- Stylists

- Insurance permits

Motorhome Rates

Motorhome_Rates - Star trailer, 38' Double-Wide

- 2, 34' Production ready

- Standard & Custom rates


Premium Locations

Premium_Locations- Crandon Park, Miami

- South Point Park, Miami

- Tri-State area, NYC, CT, NJ