production motorhome 38 foot RV

HAPPY 1 Production motorhome 38'

Our fully equipped motorhome includes...

• 2 large Super Slide-Outs located in the front and rear areas of the motorhome.
 • Double-door entry for easy access to front and rear of unit.
 • Two– 13,500 btu, high-capacity roof air conditioners.
 • High-capacity, heavy-duty 7,000 watt generator.
 • Hydraulic leveling jacks.Helps stabilize unit during Make-Up process and
reduces the “rocking” and uneven angle when parked at various locations.
 • Comfortable seating for crews of 10.
 • Full 25’ outside awning for those rainy or extremely sunny days.
 • Huge under-coach storage area.
 • Kitchen includes large refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker &
   grinder, toaster oven, can opener, blender,
and full sink.                      
 • 10 folding chairs and 4 folding tables for your use and comfort.
 • Aluminum 6' ladder.
 • Extra electrical outlets and cupholders throughout unit.
 • Extra 12-volt outlets for production cell phones,etc.
 • Full “clean” and sanitized bathroom with shower.
 • Portable boom box with CD.
 • 3 Portable coolers for beverages on location.
 • DSS – Digital Satellite System, “Weather Channel coming up…!!!”
 • Hi-end Stereo with CD, amplifier and Boston Acoustic speakers.
 • Sony television and VCR with A/V inputs.
 • Full, top-of-the-line alarm system protects all
contents even further.
 • Extension cords, tools, and other equipment available.
 • Craft Service is available, call for details. 
Our 3 Full Size Hair and Make-Up Stations include...                    
 • Unit has 3 Full Size Hair and Make-Up areas
 • Extra depth for Make-Up cases, accessories, etc.
 • All stations are made of hard surface Corian material
 • Professional adjustable Salon/Styling Chairs  
 • True “Daylight” bulbs for that professional look.
 • A “lipped” counter top area for no falls while moving.
 • Utensil Holders for hair dryers, curling irons, etc.
 • Extra electrical outlets and extension cord.
Our  Styling/Wardrobe area includes...
 • Huge Slide-Out in Wardrobe/Styling Area !!  
 • Over 20’ of roof-mounted wardrobe hanging rails.
 • Professional “Rowenta” iron, “Jiffy” Steamer, & heavy-duty ironing board.
 • Extra electrical outlets.
 • Instant, portable dressing room for remote locations.
 • Hanging Shoe-racks for up to 36 pairs of shoes.
 • Full-Length Mirror
 • Separate entrance for easier access.
 •Privacy curtain for discrete changing area. 


mouse- Laptops & Wifi

- Tents

- Generators etc.


Partnered Services

Production-Partners- Caterers

- Stylists

- Insurance permits

Motorhome Rates

Motorhome_Rates - Star trailer, 38' Double-Wide

- 2, 34' Production ready

- Standard & Custom rates


Premium Locations

Premium_Locations- Crandon Park, Miami

- South Point Park, Miami

- Tri-State area, NYC, CT, NJ