production motorhome miami

Happy 2 Production Motorhome 38'

Our 2 Hair and Make-Up Stations include...
  • Full width make-up counter for your make-up cases
  • True “Daylight” bulbs for that professional look
  • A “lipped” countertop area for 'no falls' while moving
  • Utensil holder for hair dryers, curling irons, etc.
  • Extra electrical outlets and extension cords
  • Overhead cubby area for small items
  • High and Low stools for talent

Our Styling/Wardrobe area includes...

  • Over 32’ of roof-mounted wardrobe hanging rails
  • Professional “Rowenta” iron, “Jiffy” Steamer, & heavy-duty ironing board
  • Pop-Up table for seamstress or extra work surface
  • Extra electrical outlets
  • Instant, portable dressing room for remote locations
  • Foldable rolling racks
  • Full-Length Mirror
  • Overhead Prop storage area
  • Separate entrance for easier access
  • Privacy curtain with separate private changing area for multiple changing rooms


mouse- Laptops & Wifi

- Tents

- Generators etc.


Partnered Services

Production-Partners- Caterers

- Stylists

- Insurance permits

Motorhome Rates

Motorhome_Rates - Star trailer, 38' Double-Wide

- 2, 34' Production ready

- Standard & Custom rates


Premium Locations

Premium_Locations- Crandon Park, Miami

- South Point Park, Miami

- Tri-State area, NYC, CT, NJ