Motorhome Production Services

Happy Productions specializes in providing production managers, studios, and agencies with on-location, production motorhomes. We rent to and are experienced in all types of productions in the industry, including fashion shoots, commercials, music videos, concerts, star trailers, and so on.

Happy Productions


Production Motorhome Rates

We understand some productions have budgetary concerns. Please contact us for a custom quote. We also save you money by providing basic on-location equipment that will cost much more to rent from rental companies. We work within your budget, so you have a Happy Production!

Happy Productions

Happy Productions' Partners

After 24 years in the production business, Happy Productions has acquired a network of trusted partners. With our mutually beneficial relationships built on trust and friendship, we get the best rates for your production budget. Ask for our referrals and assistance in anything connected to your production needs, including, but not limited to:

  • Insurance & Permits
  • Hotel Arrangements
  • Talent & Castings
  • Catering
  • Fashion Styling
  • Hair Styling
  • Make-up Artists
  • Transportation Specialists