Production Motorhome Rates

We understand some productions have budgetary concerns. Please contact us for a custom quote. The following rates sheets provide a base to give you a general sense of the prices. We also save you money by providing basic on-location equipment that will cost much more to rent from rental companies. See the Equipment page and the rate sheet for more info. We work within your budget so you have a Happy Production!


mouse- Laptops & Wifi

- Tents

- Generators etc.


Partnered Services

Production-Partners- Caterers

- Stylists

- Insurance permits

Motorhome Rates

Motorhome_Rates - Star trailer, 38' Double-Wide

- 2, 34' Production ready

- Standard & Custom rates


Premium Locations

Premium_Locations- Crandon Park, Miami

- South Point Park, Miami

- Tri-State area, NYC, CT, NJ